5C Global Management's Game Plan
for Professional Athletes


Our mission: protect the financial lives of professional athletes

We understand the unique circumstances that athletes face: uneven cash flows, relatively short careers, and lifestyle changes. These circumstances require our team to work closely with players’ agents and integrate other advisors to ensure a “client first” mentality while preserving athletes’ investments.

Most professional athletes earn a lifetime’s worth of salary in a very short time horizon. From then on, they face the burden of making their finances last for their families and generations to come.

Our comprehensive planning process—addressing taxes, cash flow management, and protection planning— provides a vision and a framework for these athletes to secure their financial futures.

Education and discipline are the two most valuable contributions we can make to an athlete’s financial planning process. With trusting relationships and first-hand experience, we help plan and execute successful post-professional financial strategies.

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The most valuable service we can provide as a firm is our ability to fulfill our clients' needs today and contribute to the legacy they wish to leave for future generations.

Private Clients services

We focus solely on private, holistic wealth management including financial, estate and re-tirement planning as well as discretionary investment management and consulting. Our counsel is independent, objective and based on sound research and fundamental analysis. We advocate a well diversified portfolio structure, take a global view of opportunities and actively rebalance investments as changes in the economic environment .


As relationship-driven investment managers, clients' needs determine the required return on capital and we carefully select asset classes that reflect those individual obligations and goals. Every investment decision is rigorously examined and portfolio holdings are cho-sen for their potential growth, valuation and long-term opportunity. The entire process is transparent and risk evaluated at every step.

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